The above screening and seminar took place at SOAS on 16/5/17. It is a
fairly good overview of my current work in applied ethnomusicology.

Here’s the description from the SOAS website:

Kit Ashton is a musician, currently completing a CHASE-funded
PhD in Music at Goldsmiths. The working title of his thesis is:

“Applied Ethnomusicology and the Revitalisation of the Endangered
Language of Jèrriais: A study of music, language ideology, and cultural
identity in Jersey.”

When it comes to language revitalisation strategies, Jeroen Darquennes
and others have argued for the development of:

“A comprehensive, multidisciplinarily conceived and multi-dimensionally
oriented total concept that is intertwined with social reality as a
prerequisite for successful language revitalisation.”[1]

This seminar at SOAS proposes that music should be considered as a
potentially important element of this ‘total concept’, and focuses on the
way it can shape cultural identity and language ideology, with reference
to ongoing work in Jersey.

‘Mathinnyi’ is a short ethnographic film, made during Kit’s MA, which
explores the Jersey context from a personal perspective – providing
insights into the island, the community and the language. Kit was born
and raised in Jersey, and is the founder and lead singer of Jèrriais
pop-folk band Badlabecques.

The film is followed by a presentation and an interactive discussion on
the following topics:

Music as a strategy for language revitalisation

Methodologies for measuring language change

Film as a research tool

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[1] Jeroen Darquennes, “Paths to language revitalization,” in Contact Linguistics and Language Minorities/Kontaktlinguistik und Sprachminderheiten/ Linguistique de Contact et Minorités Linguistiques (Plurilingua, 30), St. Augustin, Asgard, (2007): 61-76.